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                      China National Furniture Association (CNFA)

                      China National Furniture Association established in 1988. It is a national organization by the Chinese furniture industry and related industries of production, management, research, teaching and other enterprises, as well as social groups and individuals voluntarily formed. CNFA has 7500 member companies currently, key members include: Easyhome, Red Star Macalline, Sleemon, KUKA, MANWAH, Shangpin Home Collection, QUANYOU, Markor Furnishings, YIHUA LIFE, AURORA, UE Chairs, Qumei, Huari, A-Zenith, SUNON, Landbond, Lamex, etc.


                      The main work of CNFA include: Organize the China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China), promote the development of industrial clusters, develop information work, industry training organizations, promote the furniture design, participate in standard setting, and the work of ISO/TC136 and SAC/TC480, promote communication and cooperation between China and global furniture industry, etc. CNFA was elected Chairman Membership of the Council of Asia Furniture Associations (CAFA) since December 5th, 2014.



                      Add: Room 1206, Building B, No.5 Baiziyuan,No.16 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District,Beijing, China.

                      P.C: 100124

                      E-mail: zhangting@cnfa.com.cn

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