A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 21: Realization

Chapter 21: Realization

, Zhang Dezhong's smiling face slowly stiffened, changing into an expression of disbelief and shock, "You…you are Third Miss?", He staggered, stumbled, and almost fell down because of the bag of yuan. Even more, his voice slightly trembled with bewilderment and a guilty conscience, "You…how can you be here, weren’t you already…?", "Already what?" Hexi took a step forward, her face holding a warm and amiable smile, but it gave people a dark kind of feeling, "Already sold to Gluttonous House? Or should people have already ravaged me until death?", Zhang Dezhong was so scared by that sinister gaze that his legs became soft, so it didn’t take long before he fell and collapsed to the ground., The bag filled with hard yuan was squished underneath his butt, causing him to bare his teeth in pain, but slowly, his thoughts became clearer, his terror receding., The person in front of him is Nalan Hexi, the Third Miss of Nalan Manor, known as famous trash she was powerless, even more, no one cared about her life, even the lowest servant could bully her. So why did he have to be afraid of her?, Thinking about this, Zhang Dezhong suddenly stood up, his eyes ruthlessly glared at Hexi, and feeling resentment and somewhat ashamed, "Third Miss, I didn't expect you to become a lowly slave that could still run away. It seems that your new master is good towards you, is it because of your beautiful face?", When he thought of that elegant and alluring face, Zhang Dezhong felt a burst of itchiness in his heart. However, Third Miss is a genuine woman, and since he, Zhang Dezhong, had never seen such a beautiful woman, he didn’t know how to deal with this feeling., Moreover, Third Miss is a cowardly good for nothing, she is also the genuine miss of Nalan Manor, it must be good to play with this miss!, Zhang Dezhong felt the blood in his body rush to the lower part, taking a step towards her, he let out a demonic laugh, "Come on, if it were not for me bringing you, Third Miss, to Gluttonous House, you wouldn’t have found such a good master, turning you from a saltless woman into a beautiful woman. Looking at Third Miss’s appearance now, it seems like you’ve lived pretty well. Third Miss, how about you express your gratitude towards me?", While speaking, his hands went to touch her face., The corner of Hexi's mouth hooked slightly upwards, revealing a remotely cold demonic smile. Then, when Zhang Dezhong’s hands were about to touch her, her fingers suddenly moved, causing several Invisible Needles to shoot into his body as fast as lightning., "Ah—-!" Zhang Dezhong shouted in shock, immediately his entire body became painfully limp, and with thump, he fell to the ground., Hexi took a step, slowly stepping on his hand that was recently extended, and leisurely said, "You’re right, I certainly want to properly express my gratitude to you.", Zhang Dezhong's face showed his fear, his voice trembling, "What are you going to do to me?", "Of course it’s to give you a gift as thanks?" Hexi smiled while quietly speaking, but she exerted all her strength to her foot, a crack was heard, and Zhang Dezhong’s right wrist bones had been broken, "How was it? Are you satisfied with this gift?", "Ah ah ah—!" Zhang Dezhong let out miserable howl like a dying pig. If it were not for this alley being remote, he would absolutely alarm a large group of people., Seeing that Hexi was about to step on him with her other foot, Zhang Dezhong quickly cried and loudly pleaded, "Third Miss, I was wrong, please spare me! It's Second Miss that incited me to do this, I was merely following orders, nothing more! I beg you to spare me!", Hexi sneered, "Second Miss and I haven’t seen each other for many years, she has always walked on her bright path while I walked on my difficult path, we couldn't even hit with eight poles1, why would she order you to deal with me? You dared lie to me, is it that my gift is too light?", ,

Chapter end

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