Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 28 – Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon

Chapter 28 – Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon

Actually Long Chen himself did not know what kind of situation he was in. As soon as they returned to the cave, Long Chen sat down cross-legged and checked the conditions of his own body while Lingxi flew out from the Lingxi Sword.

Earlier, that horrific turn of events had actually scared her half to death. Even now, her face was still pale as she looked at Long Chen with concern.

Long Chen had already broken through the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. His Qi, in terms of quantity, is already matched with Yang Lingyue and the rest but the quality is already 4 times stronger than their Qi.

Which is to say, just based on Qi alone, Long Chen can draw Qi 4 times stronger than the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. This is almost half of the strength of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Adding on the [Celestial Core Technique], which still proved to be a little useful, and his innate fighting martial technique, Long Chen is confident that he is able to deal with Bai Shiji.

If he were also to transform into the changed body shape, his Qis quality will be 10 times stronger, and his physical bodys strength will also rise dramatically. It may even be possible to fight someone of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm.

Long Chen was secretly shocked. Based on the [Blood Transmuted Qi] technique alone, the Inherited Blood Essence should also have many secrets and uses that have not been utilised. This was but 1/1000th of the Inherited Blood Essence and it had already let him reach this kind of stage. If he were to fully inherit all of it, what kind of realm would he be in?

Long Chen thought of so many things that even he himself had become distracted. Only then did he ask Lingxi a question.

Xiao Xi, am I considered a Dragon Warrior now?

Seeing Long Chen, who had been distracted for a while, having a reply, Lingxi was not that anxious anymore. She nodded, saying obediently: Although I dont have much understanding of Dragon Warriors, from your appearance earlier, it is likely that you have become one. Oh right, earlier I asked what kind of Blood Essence you inherited. Is it the Ghost Shadow Blood Murderous Dragon? I have read some records previously and this Ghost Shadow Blood Murderous Dragons appearance is rather like yours.

Long Chen had no clue as to what Inherited Blood Essence the blood droplet belonged to. As he was about to say he did not know, a few words mysteriously appeared in his mind and Long Chen subconsciously repeated each word one at a time.


As these words were spoken, Long Chen suddenly felt his blood rise excitedly. It was a kind of immense pride which had let Long Chen feel an absurd confidence in himself.

Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon?

Lingxi mouthed these words repeatedly and suddenly her eyes rounded as if in a state of disbelief. She blankly looked at Long Chen, her mouth gaping so wide she looked like an old person.Tp vl updates on n/(o)/v/lb/in(.)com

No matter how ugly she looked right now, Long Chen felt that it was so cute that he could burst.

Whats up, Miss, have you taken a liking to this young master?

Lingxi did not even hear his words, her voice trembling as she said: YouYou are sure that it is Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon?

Only then did Long Chen felt something was amiss, and he solemnly asked: Indeed it is, is there a problem?

Lingxi still had the look of disbelief on her face, shaking her head and saying: Impossible, Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. This is a legend of legends It is definitely impossible

Although Lingxi was still in disbelief, Long Chen was very sure that the Inherited Blood Essence did belong to the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon, so he said: Xiao Xi, tell me, are there any problems if it is Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon?

Lingxi muttered and said: You dont understand, legends have it that eons ago the whole of Long Ji Continent was ruled by the Dragon Gods and there were millions and millions of dragon species! Do you even know what kind of magnitude millions and millions of dragons species are? As vast as the Long Ji Continent was, it had already been filled with all kinds of Dragon Gods and the amount of dragons then is several tens of times more than the humans on this earth today. Almost each and every one of them is a peak of all existences!

As for the millions and millions of dragon species peak experts, that magnitude has never been reached by humans ever since the humans started forming tribes. In the immemorial past, the most ancient times of Long Ji Continent, there was a myth that there were 10 great lineages of supreme dragons. A total of 10 Dragon Gods. They all had the most overpowering existences and were also known as the 10 Magnificent Ancestral Dragons!

After talking up to this point, Lingxi raised her head and looked at Long Chen, slowly saying: Amongst the 10 Magnificent Ancestral Dragons, the Ancestral Dragon that was the most bloodthirsty and destructive was the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon that you have just spoken of!

At Lingxis words, Long Chen was also stunned. In his heart, the expert did not take on any sort of form. He merely felt that the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon was a peak existence on Long Ji Continent. As for how strong it really was, he did not know.

Lingxi shook her head and said: Thats why I said its impossible. The Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon vanished millions and millions of years ago. How can his Inherited Blood Essence be stored into a regular secret scroll? The barrier on the secret scroll can even be broken by methats why its impossible

After listening to what Lingxi had said, Long Chen did not feel that confident anymore.

Forget it, who cares what kind of dragon he is, he is still suppressed by the Dragon Jade Pendant. Right now, I will follow my fathers wishes to become a Dragon Warrior and learn the remarkable ability of the [Blood Transmuted Qi] which will madly increase my cultivation speed in the future. As for the Qi that my father left for me from before, it will no longer be as useful as raising my cultivation level compared to myself!

However, the quality of Qi has increased by four times. If I were to breakthrough a realm, compared to people of the same level, it might be more difficult by four times, or maybe even ten times, so I cannot be satisfied with my current state

Long Chen stood up, and held the pixie sized Lingxi in his hands and said: Miss, anyway I have become stronger again, who cares about any broken dragon. What matters is that I will have the ability to protect you. As for those medicines with spirit healing properties, it wont be so few in numbers next time. You have saved my life twice. What happens next will be the time that I repay you!

Only after hearing Long Chen speak did Lingxi recover from the shock regarding the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. Looking at Long Chen who was so confident, she slowly became perplexed as she could not figure out the mysteries hidden inside the body of this young man beside her.

After becoming a Dragon Warrior and learning the super ability, indeed he will have a great future ahead. Who knows, he may even be able to find a way for me to recover my physical body

Their relationship had been growing closer and closer with the days they spent together. Finally, on this day, she found that she could not leave him.

After placing her on his shoulder, Long Chen smiled and said: Alright, today the matter of breaking the barrier on the [Seal of the Dragons] is finally over and the demonic beast hunting competition is not too far away. These few days I had better cultivate a little more.

Bai Shijis image appeared in front of him, and Long Chen clenched his fists and said coldly: This time, we wont know whether your [Dark Heavenly Finger] or my [Seal of the Dragons] attack is stronger! At that time I will definitely give you, who assume that victory is assured, a surprise!

A total of eight days had passed as Long Chen cultivated meticulously until he was familiar with the strength of the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. Only then did he stand up, preparing to return to the Yang Family.

After finally increasing his strength, Long Chen had more confidence towards the demonic beast hunting competition.

Nine days ago, I publicly injured Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong.. I even ridiculed Yang Xueqing. After returning to the Yang Family there will most likely be people who want to find trouble with me, but I am Long Chen, so how would I be afraid?

At this time, it was nearing noon and as Long Chen walked into the Yang Familys residence through the big door, a guard stepped forward and said: Young Master Chen, Founder Yang has invited Bai Familys Master and the members over tonight for a feast and now the feast is about to start. Founder Yang had requested for you to go to the Hongwu Hall right after you return home.

Hongwu Hall was where Founder Yang invited esteemed guests over.

After hearing that Founder Yang had actually invited the Bai Familys founder over and had even invited others, Long Chen felt repulsed inside his heart as he knew Bai Zhanxiong and the rest will definitely be there.

Looking at the demonic beast hunting competition which was about to start, Long Chen did not know what tricks Founder Yang was playing. However, his relationship with Bai Familys Master was indeed close. It had already been known to many in Poplar Town that both Founder Yang and the Bai Familys Master were life and death brothers.

Very soon, Long Chen arrived in the Hongwu Hall and it was extremely boisterous inside. On two long sandalwood tables, there lay various exotic delicacies and pretty maids could be seen shuttling back and forth in between.

On the main table, Founder Yang sat together with his 3 children and as for the other side, the one who sat at the front was a short, fat and naive looking old man. His head was filled with white hair and, coupled with his very red face, it looked like a picture of a white craned red-faced young boy.

[TL Note: White haired, young boy with a red face: Chinese idiom describing an older person with a very youthful complexion]

This was the master of the Bai Family. Although he was rather old, his strength was not weak and his cultivation was at the peak in Poplar Town.

Below the master of the Bai Family, there sat two middle aged men: one was the third son of the master, Bai Zhanxiong and the other was the fourth son, Bai Zhanfeng.

During the intra-family competition, they had also been to the Yang Family residence. The Bai Shidong who peed in his pants, was this Bai Zhanfengs son.

As for the other table, the younger generation had been seated there. For Yang Family it was Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue and Yang Lingqing. As for Bai Family, it was Bai Shiji, Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong. Beside them sat a cold looking, handsome young man. Long Chen could detect a very dangerous aura by looking at him.

The person Long Chen was looking at turned out to be the very famous and strongest of the younger generation in Poplar Town, Bai Shichen.

And for today, the experts of both the young and elder generations of the two families were present.

This banquet had already started not long ago, and Founder Yang and Bai Familys Master had erupted in laughter However, this laughter was stifled immediately as Long Chen walked in.

And at this point, all the gazes were directed towards Long Chen.

The Bai Familys Master did not react much, but both of the middle aged mens expressions in the Bai Family had turned cold. Yang Yuntian and Yang Xueqings expressions were sinister. As for Yang Qingxuan, he was faintly smiling, the same expression as his father.

The younger generation of the Bai Family harboured only hatred for Long Chen and the gaze of Bai Shiji was the most vicious. However Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong were actually a little afraid of Long Chen. However, after seeing Long Chen, Bai Shichen maintained his cold gaze, like the blade on a sharp sword.

Long Chen had indeed not arrived at the best of time, so he was able to create such an effect. At this point Founder Yang had immediately recovered, laughing loudly and saying Chen Er, you have finally returned. Alright, now everyone is gathered. Chen Er you may sit at that table!

After the Founder Yang had spoken, the people seated at the table he had pointed to all stared intensely at Long Chen.

Hey, your human relations are really bad. Only that young sister Yang Lingqing acknowledges you Lingxi happily said as she rejoiced in his misfortune.

Chapter end

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