Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 35 – Have A Lovely Baby Soon!

Chapter 35 – Have A Lovely Baby Soon!

Yang Lingqing knew that Long Chen had only gotten the [Seal of the Dragons] about 15 days ago.

When they went to the Cultivators Market, Yang Lingqing felt that the [Seal of the Dragons] was being wasted in his hands. Long Chen was only in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm after all.

With Long Chens innate ability for battle, if he had just used the [Seal of the Ashened Dragon], Yang Lingqing would not have been too surprised. However Long Chen used the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] instead.

Amongst the Yang Family, there were only 3 people who could use the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]. Founder Yang, Yang Qingxuan and Yang Xueqing. Long Chen had already learnt how to use the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, two whole levels below that of Yang Xueqing!

When compared to Bai Shichen, who knew the second finger technique of [Dark Heavenly Finger], it was obvious that Long Chens talent was much greater.

With the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] that he used at that moment and even though the pressure surging from his opponent was extremely powerful, the idea of Long Chen preparing to use the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had never crossed his mind!

When the hand seals of the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] was completed, the nine Dragon Gods images were under the control of Long Chen. They rapidly condensed into one singular dragon containing a strong whirling aura with the faint shape of blood red dragon. It immediately clashed with [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] and the resulting shockwave was many times greater than that compared to the one against Bai Shiji earlier!

Long Chens proficiency in using the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], even an amateur like Yang Lingqing, could tell that it was much stronger than Bai Shichens [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]. After all, for the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring], even the trajectory of the attack could not be controlled well by Bai Shichen. He wasnt in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm so using the skill still seemed a tad difficult for him!

However, Long Chen was different. This [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had seemed even more complete than Yang Qingxuans. That magnificent aura, coupled with that blood reeking murderous dragon and bloodlust from Long Chens body, had momentarily turned incomparably huge and had an aura that seemed to grow stronger the more it fought on!

To Bai Shicens utter disbelief, a swirling image of a Dragon God had dispersed his half assed condensed [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]. In the aspect of technique, he was inferior when compared to Bai Shiji!

That huge dragon aura came whistling as his face turned pale. He tried to escape from the sorry looking situation, however, the huge attack still landed on his shoulders!

Bai Shichen spewed out a mouthful of blood as he crashed onto the huge rock behind him. Suddenly the rock was split into pieces and Bai Shichens back had been riddled and drilled into by the rock fragments throughout his whole body!


Madness filled Bai Shichens eyes as he sank into utter disbelief. All he had to show for this outcome were ten thousand words of disbelief!

He was clearly aware of Long Chens ability. It was impossible for him to have such explosive battle strength, but the truth was placed cruelly in front of him. The pain in his chest and left shoulder which bore through his heart had told him that it was not an imagination; he had really been defeated by Long Chens earlier attack!

That is the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]! Impossible, how could Long Chen learn the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] with his current ability?

As he was wildly seething he suddenly saw Long Chen sinisterly smiling right in front of him.

Seeing this smile, Bai Shichen felt goosebumps all over his body. At this moment he finally learned why Bai Shidong and Bai Zhixing were so afraid of Long Chen!

Despite not having much energy left in his body, Bai Shichen was not someone who would admit defeat easily. He dragged his heavily injured body and was about to turn tail and run, but Long Chens indifferent voice had already travelled to his ears.

You wished to hurt my younger sister. So I will return the favor. I am sorry for hurting your little brother.

A kick viciously landed on his nether regions and Bai Shichens face suddenly turned into the colour of a pigs liver. The veins littered across his eyeballs suddenly popped out as he let out a pathetic scream. He crashed onto the floor while his body shrank into the shape of a shrimp, continuously shuddering and rolling about.

Yang Lingqing walked over at this time and seeing Bai Shichen in such agony, she became startled and asked: Brother Chen, what have you done to him? Why would he be in this much pain?

I dont know, maybe his heart could not accept it when he lost to me. Oh right! Lingqing, let us hurry and leave this Big Barren Mountain right now. Bai Shiji and the rest have already been captured by me. If they want to deal with our Yang Family then we will use their heirs as hostages, and charge back to the Bai Family! If they dared to attack grandfather and the rest, for everyone they kill, we will also kill one!

Speaking of which, the Bai Family was still inside the Yang residences. Yang Lingqing became extremely flustered, as some time had already passed. The sun was gradually setting and if they did not hurry, it cannot be said for sure if the Yang Family and the rest would be able to escape misfortune!

Although Long Chens strategy was considered to be rather risky right now,it was the only shot they had to save the Yang Family!

If it was only Yang Lingqing, she definitely would not know what do but with Long Chen acting as the emotional pillar of support, her heart felt much more relieved.

In her heart, Long Chen could even beat Bai Shichen and created such a miraculous ending. What other things could he not do anymore?

Long Chen having captured Bai Shiji, this matter to Yang Lingqing, had not been surprising anymore.

With no time to waste, Long Chen did not care about Bai Shichen who was moaning in pain. Grabbing onto his collar, he brought Yang Lingqing towards the direction where Yang Wu and the rest were at. The two places were in fact not that far away and adding on to the pressing situation, they moved extremely fast.

Very soon they came to the open area where Yang Wu and the rest were. When Long Chen had thrown Bai Shichen, who had been wailing in pain together with Bai Shichen, both Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue minds were numbed.

Against Long Chen, they had only felt fear towards him. Thinking of themselves who had been such an embarrassment, they both could not lift up their heads.

Long Chen took a quick glance around, Bai Zhixing and Bai Shidong had already fainted while Bai Shiji was conscious, however he had been critically injured so he could not move. As for Bai Shichen,it was needless to say what happened to him.

In the future, Bai Shichen most likely would be unable to cook the rice because it cannot be cooked anymore.

[TL Note: He might not be able to reproduce anymore.]

Long Chen raised his head, saw that Yang Wu had already stood up and inquired: Your injury should most be alright by now, right?

When compared to the two sorry figures on the floor, the wounds on his body could only be considered as light, so he said: Theres not much problem with me anymore.

Amongst the younger generation, suddenly Long Chen was the most impressive individual in the forefront of this large group.

Long Chen did not say another word and lifted both Bai Shichen and Bai Shiji up and indifferently said: We have to rush down the Big Barren Mountain and back to the Yang residence now! We will first seize these two fellows. As to why, Yang Lingqing will explain to you on our way back!

After Long Chen had consecutively defeated Bai Shiji and Bai Shichen, even saving them in the process, the two siblings, Yang Wu and Yang Lingyue, naturally did not have any objections.

Bai Shidong reeked of urine and to a young lady like Yang Lingyue, it was naturally an incomparably disgusting matter, so Bai Shidong could only be handed over to Yang Wu

The whole lot of them rapidly descended the mountain, along the way, Yang Lingqing told them everything that had transpired.

Yang Wu frowned and said: How could it turn out this way? The people from the Bai Family are really worse than beasts. However Lingqing, is Third Aunt really that way? It cant be? I understand the integrity of Third Aunt. I think it is impossible

Yang Lingyue had been around Yang Xueqing the most so she also curiously said: I too think that its not possible! Third Aunt treats me the best. The spirit jades that I had used previously to break through to the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm were all given to me by her.

Yang Lingqing agonised and shook her head saying: I also dont know, but it was what Bai Shichen said

As they spoke of Yang Xueqing, they had all unanimously raised their head and looked at Long Chen who was running at the front. They felt the atmosphere surrounding Long Chens body was getting heavier. Thus, they momentarily did not dare to speak any more about that

Theres no need to say more about this matter. After going to the Bai Family, we will naturally know everything.

Long Chens voice travelled over from the front. Although it seemed nonchalant, but the three people at the back knew how heavy his heart was.

Today was a big day in Poplar Town.Aall west chptrs on n.o./vli/n/(.)cm

The Poplar town consisted of two main families that controlled the lifeline of the town. Today, it is a big day for the Bai and Yang families; so naturally, it will be a big day for the Poplar town as well.

The thrilling event of demonic beast hunting competition was only one of the key events, but the most joyous was obviously the marriage between the Yang Family and Bai Family. After all, this was the first alliance marriage between the Bai and Yang family.

Bai Family Masters Third Son Bai Zhanxiongs wife had passed away after bearing his two sons. Bai Zhanxiong, who had been in pain for so many years, had finally waited by Yang Xueqing when she was also widowed and afterwards the marriage seemed like the natural course of events.

To the outsiders it seem liked smooth sailing for Bai Zhanxiong, in reality, it was actually very difficult for him to achieve this.

With this huge matter between Bai and Yang family, naturally the guests that attended were a lot. All the prestiged individuals and groups from Poplar town and its neighbours had come to attend the event. As they all sat together in the same hall, they were all drinking and chatting merrily, the atmosphere was very lively. At this point, the ceremony had already been over and the bride had entered the consummation chamber. As for the groom, he was currently accompanying the guests drinking wine.

Esteemed guests, I will be the first to drink to salute you all!

Bai Brother has a huge drinking capacity like that of a sea!

I wish that Bai Brother and Xueqing Sister will grow old together, and forever have common wishes.

Have a lovely baby soon!

I will definitely do my best!

The group of them guffawed, the atmosphere was extremely lively. There was a guard that suddenly whispered a few words to Bai Zhanxiong. Bai Zhanxiong poured himself another cup of wine before facing everyone and said: My fellow brothers, today is my joyous occasion, everyone please drink and chat to your hearts content. I have to make a toast to my father-in-law to pay my respects to him, so I will take my leave first!

Under the merry farewell from the guests, Bai Zhanxiong walked through the corridors and into a main hall. In the main hall, a banquet was also prepared. However, there were not many people there. It only consisted of the Bai and Yang family members.

Because a few of their younger generation had already gone to participate in the demonic beast hunting competition, on numbers alone, it was incomparable to the number of people outside the hall. However it was still rather lively in here.

When Bai Zhanxiong entered, the people from both families had been drinking merrily. He closed the door secretly as he walked in and a few guards suddenly appeared and guarded the exit. Only then did Bai Zhanxiong felt at ease and heartily laughed as he walked towards the founder of the Yangs family. He loudly projected his voice as he said:Uncle Yang! Oh no, I meant father-in-law! Today, your son wishes to drink with you!

Bai Zhanxiong had finished entertaining the esteemed guests outside and finally had time to enter the room. Founder Yang was extremely happy and he hurriedly pulled Bai Zhanxiong to sit with him. It could be seen that he was on cloud nine tonight. He drank too much and at this point, his face was flushed red. He pulled Bai Zhanxiong and said: Back then when you were born, your father and I was still guarding outside the door. To be truthful, my heart naturally was not lesser than your fathers nervousness. After all, we had already agreed for our childs mutual marriage and the two of you just coincidentally were one boy and one girl. However, the heavens had made fun of man and a Long Qinglan had appeared. But now today, both of you have finally gone on the preplanned path. I am extremely elated for the both of you.

Saying to that point, Founder Yang suddenly felt a little dizzy and momentarily laughed: I have really aged and almost obsolete. After only drinking such a small amount of wine, I actually am going to topple over soon

Bai Zhanxiong patted Founder Yangs shoulder and laughed as he said: Yes, indeed it is time for you to topple over. Its also about time your Yang Family topples over. In the end, this Poplar Town will solely belong to our Bai Family

Chapter end

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