Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 46 – Phantom Glass Sword

Chapter 46 – Phantom Glass Sword

When Long Chen reappeared again, Founder Yang had a mildly disappointed look on his face. He knew that Lord Lang seemed to only mildly appreciate Long Chens talents.

The Bai Family members heaved a heavy sigh of relief. If Long Chen was to follow Lord Lang back to Yuanling City, even if they were able to get rid of the Yang Family members, they would still be afraid of Long Chen achieving tremendous progress in Yuanling City and coming back to seek revenge.

When even a talented individual like him is not accepted into the Lingwu Family, one can see how high the pedestal is for the requirements to enter the Lingwu Family!

At this point, Founder Yang had already regrouped with the rest of the Yang Family members. Now that Founder Yang had become the mayor of Poplar Town, the various factions had all hurriedly gathered around this side, while the Bai Familys side was rather sparse.

Chen Er, where is Lord Lang?

He has already returned to Yuanling City.

Hearing that Lord Lang had already gone, the masses all expressed their congratulations to Founder Yang and left.

The ten thousand people were prepared to leave this field, but at this moment, the Bai Family members had actually walked to where the Yang Family members were. At the forefront were Bai Sheng and Bai Li. Their cold gazes were on Founder Yang and Long Chen, and their eyes were filled with fury and unwillingness.

Looking at the Bai Family members who had put up such an overbearing front, it was obvious that they were here to stir trouble.

At this point, as the Bai Family members got closer, Long Chen could feel it more clearly. The strength of a mighty ninth level Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator.

When only a short distance was left to the Yang Family, the Bai Family members halted in their footsteps.

Bai Sheng and Bai Li both had darkened expressions. At this point they faced Founder Yang, who showed no fear despite facing these two experts.

At this point Bai Sheng sneered and said: Yang Family? Mayor? What a load of bull**.

Founder Yang could not be bothered to speak with him. However, Long Chen was extremely displeased with their appearance, so he smirked and retorted: You two little Bai dogs were wagging your tails when Lord Lang was here. After he has left, you want to bite?

The behaviour of these two Bai experts had been described beautifully by Long Chen, and the others all guffawed momentarily. Having actually been publicly shamed by Long Chen, these two Bai experts faces immediately turned more unpleasant.

They looked at each other in the eye and then Bai Li looked towards Long Chen and said: What an articulative bastard, thinking of yourself as a genius, but never knowing that the difference from a real genius is 180,000 miles away. Lord Lang did not take you in, which is your misfortune. In eight days. I can predict that you will only live for another eight days.

When he mentioned the number eight, he smirked.

Long Chen knew he was talking about the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit.

However he still put on a skeptical look and said: This little Bai dogs words, as a human being I naturally dont understand its words.

Bai Lis face momentarily coloured with embarrassment and fury, but Bai Sheng restrained him and whispered: Second brother, this bastard is very articulate. Bickering with him will only anger ourselves, and anyway it wont be much longer before their whole Yang Family will perish. We dont have to compete like this with them here today.

Bai Li coldly laughed and said: Oh well, well let them be smug for another few days, and then

Oh right, Second Brother, is your brother from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect dependable? We are not a match for his strength, what if

Big brother dont worry, if its my brother I can naturally depend on him and with his ability as a Deity Dan Realm, the Yang Family, no matter if its Yang Cangqiong or this so called genius, are just like clowns in his eyes.

Bai Sheng indifferently gave both Founder Yang and Long Chen another glance, imagining that they both would be corpses in the near future. He sneered in his heart and thought: Right now you guys are still happy. When the time comes and you see each and every member of your Yang Family dying, then you will regret ever being born into this world.

Seeing that both families were about to fight, the hearts of the masses were extremely nervous. But after seeing that the Bai Family members had only said a few words and then walked away with their tails between their legs, the masses had all laughed, because the performance of this Bai Family was just too pathetic.Gtt the latest chpters on n/velbin(.)com

But only Long Chen furrowed his brows. He had a premonition that the battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit would have huge collateral damage, and if one was not careful, the whole of the Yang Family might be consigned to eternal damnation!

If it were two months ago, Long Chen wouldnt be too concerned about the Yang Family if anything happened, but now when he finally had someone he needed to protect here, the life and death of Yang Family had already been closely intertwined with the fate of his life.

So Bai Family. Only when you are eradicated completely, can I be at peace.

Returning to the Yang Family, Founder Yang once again gathered everyone over. One reason was to put in order the procedures as a mayor, and the other was about the reward.

At this point, Founder Yang had detained Yang Qingxuan, Yang Xueqing, Yang Yuntian, Yang Wu and Long Chen. He took out the cosmos pouch and said: This is the reward from Lingwu Family. I have already inspected it. It is separated into 20,000 spirit jades, 3 pieces of deity jades, and also an advanced Huang grade spirit sword, plus an advanced Huang grade swordplay technique scroll.

As he said that, Founder Yang revealed an expression of glee.

Without even mentioning the 20,000 spirit jades, something that was almost equal to all of Yang Familys wealth, each of the deity jades was the concentrated form of countless spirit jades. Basically each of these deity jades spirit energy was equivalent to the energy contained within 100,000 spirit jades! Based on these rewards, it was already akin to 50,000 spirit jades.

Deity jades, usually only a Deity Dan Realm cultivator would be able to afford one.

Each deity jade could be exchanged for 10,000 spirit jades, but 10,000 spirit jades may not be able to be exchanged for 1 piece of deity jade. This was because the rarity of deity jades was much higher.

With these 3 pieces of deity jades, the cultivation of the Yang Family members could be greatly increased. As such, when they all heard of them gaining these 3 pieces of deity jade, they were all shocked, yet elated.

Furthermore, when they heard that they had gotten an advanced Huang grade spirit sword and an advanced Huang grade swordplay technique scroll, their expressions were even more ecstatic.

One must know, what the Yang Family has in their possession is only an advanced Huang grade [Seal of the Dragons]. Now in the aspect of monetary wealth and technique, both have been doubled. Coupled with the advanced Huang grade spirit sword, it was even more amazing.

There were only a few of these spirit swords in Poplar Town, not to mention an advanced Huang grade spirit sword. With this spirit sword and the advanced Huang grade swordplay technique, their might would definitely be greatly increased!

At this point, Founder Yang took out the swordplay technique scroll, and naturally, he took out the advanced Huang grade spirit sword at the same time. It was as if it was forged with glass, containing a tinge of azure. A grand aura emanated from this spirit sword, which felt extremely sharp!

The sharpness of this blade can definitely cut a strand of hair in two if one dropped onto it.

This sword is named Phantom Glass Sword!

The Yang Family members looked at this Phantom Glass Sword, and they all exclaimed in amazement because this spirit sword contained a huge energy wave. If it was used for battle, ones strength would definitely achieve a higher level!

As for this advanced Huang grade swordplay technique, its name is [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash]!

Just based on this name only, one would know that it was not a simple sword. Thinking of this [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] scroll, it would definitely not pale in comparison towards the [Dark Heavenly Finger] or [Seal of the Dragons] and if coupled with this Phantom Glass Sword, it might even be stronger!

Founder Yang looked at everyone and said: Today I have held you guys back, because I want all of you to decide as a whole, who this Phantom Glass Sword and [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] scroll should belong to. The swordplay technique can definitely be practiced by many, but there is only one Phantom Glass Sword, so Right now I am of old age, and I have already spent a lot of effort to learn the [Seal of the Dragons]. Now, I only wish to concentrate in breaking through the Deity Dan Realm. Therefore this Phantom Glass Sword will belong to one of you.

Then he looked at Long Chen and said to the rest: Chen Er has done the family a great service this time, so I will hand over this Phantom Glass Sword to him, what do all of you say?

Seeing Long Chen obtain this Phantom Glass Sword was naturally what everyone had in mind. Yang Qingxuan and the rest had all nodded their heads in unison. However Long Chen said: Grandfather, having the [Seal of the Dragons] is enough for me, and I am not planning to learn swordplay technique yet. Why dont you hand over this spirit sword to someone else.

One reason why Long Chen did not want this Phantom Glass Sword was because he already had [Seal of the Dragons] which was of a similar level. The other reason was that Lingxi is the expert with swords and with her around, Long Chen did not plan to learn the [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash].

What he needed was an even stronger technique and the Yang Family would need this [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] more than he did.

Seeing Long Chen speak determinedly, Founder Yang thought that even if Long Chen had learned the [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] his strength might not be any greater than with the [Seal of the Dragons], so he nodded his head. He looked towards everyone else, and at this point Yang Qingxuan bitterly smiled and said: Father, I am the same as you, the [Seal of the Dragons] is more than enough, and learning this [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] will only be biting off more than I can chew.

Yang Xueqing too nodded her head. Right now only Yang Wu and Yang Yuntian had not spoken. Yang Yuntian, seeing both his brother and sister expressing their opinion, also said: I have not reached the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and my [Seal of the Dragons] is not yet mastered, not to mention this [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash].

Yang Wu too said: I am in the same situation as Second Uncle, and we will speak of it when I master [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] in the future.

At this point Long Chen suggested: The two people who have not learnt [Seal of the Dragons] are Lingyue and Lingqing, and they are both in the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm. This [Seven Hallucinatory Sword Slash] scroll, let them practice it first and then see who will first master it successfully, and then hand over the Phantom Glass Sword to one of them, how about it?

The Yang Family members knew that Long Chen and Yang Lingqings relationship was close, yet Long Chen was not biased towards Yang Lingyue and actually let them earn the ownership of the Phantom Glass Sword with their talent. This can be considered being completely impartial and fair.

Founder Yang nodded his head and said: Then let us do that. As for the spirit jades and deity jades, I will first hold onto them, and distribute them based on merit. Chen Er had some accomplishments today, so I will hand over a deity jade to him.

Naturally the members here did not object.

Long Chen had not seen any deity jades before, so he did not reject it and directly took the deity jade from Founder Yangs hands. A second later, a dense and natural spirit energy assaulted his nostrils, and with a light whiff, Long Chen felt his whole body relax.

Founder Yang laughed and then said to the masses: Right now the Yang Family has become the government in Poplar Town. Qingxuan and Yuntian, follow me to handle some trifle procedures, the rest may take their leave now.

Yang Xueqing and Yang Wu nodded their heads, but as they were about to leave, Long Chen suddenly said: Wait.

With bewildered expressions, they all looked at Long Chen who had inhaled deeply and said: Grandfather, do you know what item the Soul Diffusion Fruit is?

Hearing the name of the Soul Diffusion Fruit, Founder Yangs body momentarily shuddered and then he excitedly said: You know of the Soul Diffusion Fruits location?

Chapter end

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