Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 78 Quiet and Warm

Chapter 78 Quiet and Warm

Soon the opening dinner was over, everyone was immersed in the news of the Dementors.

Dementors are some of the evilest creatures known, they live in the darkest dirtiest places, and suck all the joy from the air.

If you get to close to dementors all your happy memories will vanish. You will only be left with the worst memories of your life.

These horrible creatures have guarded Azkaban for years, they guard the most wicked dark wizards of the wizarding world.

But now they are at Hogwarts, what shall happen now?

Everyone seemed to realize something but no one wanted to think about it.

Everone silently returned to there common rooms, it was eerily quiet but Ivan did hear the occasional small talk, Dementors, Azkaban, Sirius Black and Harry Potters name were repeatedly mentioned. Quite a few people are keeping their distance from Harry especially those born from wizarding families, they must have heard something from their parents.

The reason Sirius Black was arrested thirteen years ago was the furthest thing from a secret but no one wanted to talk about it.

The Atmosphere was gloomy, everybody lacked knowledge about the dementors. Ivan decided to strike the iron while it was hot, if the young wizards were so interested in Dementors, he might as well write a few introductory articles about them.

He spoke to Colin and went directly to the library to find the information.

In the library Madam Pince looked at Ivan suspiciously, she apparently had an impression of him.

Last year, Ivan had looked at almost everything in the Library in a single year. He looked at the simplest spell to the most taboo one, the vast majority of information were things not meant for his age.

Madam Pince shook her head, she thought while she was in her second year she could only cast simple spells like making her wand glow but this child

She remembered the headmasters reaction when she told Dumbledore about it.

Dumbledore calmly told her to not bother with him and he even allowed the child to look at the books in the restricted section.

Madam Pince thought Dumbledore might have lost his mind.

She wouldnt be surprised if he became a dark wizard in the future, look at the book hes reading its all about the Dementors.

When she saw the name of those vile creatures, she shivered, they were too scary. It is something a normal second year shouldnt look at.

Ivan was clueless that the image in Madam Pinces eyes was one of a dark wizard.

When he came back to the common room with over ten books everyone had already gone to their bedrooms except Hermione.

Youre back! Hermione looked up at Ivan while pointing to a steaming glass and said, I heard from Colin that you went to the library to look for information on the dementors so I decided to wait for you for a while and I prepared some hot chocolate for you!

Thank You! said Ivan gratefully while taking a cup to drink, this is nice, after searching in the library for awhile and coming back.

Before he swallowed it, he immediately spit it out, he wore a pained expression, there was no sugar in the hot chocolate what so ever, the taste was extremely bitter.

It seems Hermione expected this reaction, she smiled and said, When I need a bit of energy this helps me wake up!

She had the same stuff in her cup, it was already half drunk.

Ivan forced himself to take a sip and swallow it but he couldnt, he saw Hermione organizing her schedule so he curiously asked, Hermione what are you doing?

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Im redoing my schedule, you know, I have a lot of classes this semester, Im afraid..

By the light of the fire, Ivan saw Hermiones full schedule.

If he didnt know she had a time turner, he would have thought she had made a few mistakes.

You have almost everything marked, dont push yourself Hermione! said Ivan, Even if you have the help of a time-turner, you still shouldnt take so many lessons at the same time. With that workload, your body wont be able to handle it.

Oh, I guess you should know, after all, you used one last year. Hermione took a pocket watch out from her dress, Dont worry Ivan, Ive had a thorough conversation with Professor McGonagall!

Dont think I dont know what youre going to do, you will ignore your physical condition. said Ivan hurriedly, Hermione, you are not like a ghost, you cant forgo sleep. In my view, there are some courses that you dont need at all. For example, Divination, Arithmancy, and Muggle studies will be completely useless to you.

But it would be fascinating to study it from the viewpoint of the wizarding world, said Hermione while looking at Ivan with a sincere face.

Listen to me, you need to give up a few

No, I want to a lest try! insisted Hermione, You know we are muggle-born wizards, I want to prove that Im not any worse than anyone else.

You dont have to prove anything, youre already the best!

Thats not enough, Percy obtained top grades in twelve owls and compared to you, Im Hermiones voice was getting lower.

The atmosphere became silent, the two people didnt speak.

Crookshanks was grooming himself in front of the fireplace.

Well, if you insist. sighed Ivan, But you have to promise me you will take good care of yourself, okay?

Hermione nodded with a red face, she felt a bad vibe, Ivan was a little bit like.

She hurriedly said to Ivan, Well, have you found any books about the Dementors?

Every book on Dementors is right here in this pile, I need to write a topic on dementors so are you ready to help?

Of course! nodded Hermione.

The silvery moonlight slowly crept in and illuminated the common room while the fire was silently burning.

The Gryffindors common room was serene while the Dementors were roaming the grounds of the school.

Ivan and Hermione studied everything about the Dementors, their habits, their ways of attacking, their histories, and the ways to defeat them.

The Patronus Charm is used by thinking of the happiness thing one can think of.

With her finger on the contents of the book, Hermione softly said, When the spell is at its most powerful, it can summon the guardian, and each persons guardian is unique, a guardian generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity.

Hermione read, a guardian generally takes the shape of the animal with whom they share the deepest affinity. she kept looking at those words and said, Ivan, I remember the Guardian you summoned on the train.

Dont think about it, Hermione! Ivans eyes couldnt help but fall on the fireplace where Crookshanks has been sleeping, he stared at it for a while, he slowly explained, It must have just been a coincidence, just that!

Ok? said Hermione

The compartment was dim and Ivans Patronus was flashing so Hermione was unsure if she had seen it correctly, perhaps it was just a coincidence.

Chapter end

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