Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 110: Evan and Black’s Deal

Chapter 110: Evan and Black’s Deal

Ive been in jail for murder, and Im coming back here to commit it again! Sirius shouted. Ill kill him with my own hands. Ill avenge James and Lily!

You cant do anything in your present state Looking at Blakes appearance, Evan quietly shook his head.

Its useless to say more. Youve won, turn me in, go ahead!

Black closed his eyes weakly and his head leaned back against the wall. He was completely decadent like never before.

Suddenly, his eyes snapped open again; he flew into a rage and shouted reluctantly. That boy who lives in the same bedroom as Harry, the Weasley boy, that boys rat is an Animagus, he is Peter Pettigrew!

Peter Pettigrew?! Evan blinked.

Believe me, youre also an Animagus, you just have to take a closer look at that rat, or use the Animagus reversal spell on him Black suddenly stopped and said, You must think Im Crazy, dont you?

To be honest, you dont look any different from a mad man right now.

Im sure that youre confused. Do you know who Peter really is? Black suddenly burst into a grin. His smile was filled with hatred. Let me tell you, let me tell you about the true face of that hero in peoples eyes. When we were in Hogwarts

Evan did not say anything. Looking at Blacks appearance, he knew that he wanted to recall his past student days, and Evan did not mind listening to this hidden history.

However, it is not the right time, nor is it the right occasion.

Here is the Owl Post Office. There may be other people coming in at any time. Before all the truth was to be revealed, he did not want people to misunderstand them and didnt want to be linked to Black.

Besides, Hermione was still waiting outside for him. He couldnt stay here much longer.

Im sorry to interrupt your memories. Sirius, well get into the subject as soon as possible. About Pettigrew, he is Rons rat. I believe you! Evan said quickly. Actually, I know lots of things about him.

What?! Blacks eyes widened and he suddenly screamed with excitement. How much do you know about that man?!

A lot! Definitely more than you think. Of course I still need you for more details, but not here! Evan said in a relaxed tone. And, youd better lower your voice, unless you really want to draw Aurors and Dementors attention.

What did Lupin tell you about Peter?? Black said in a low voice, his face full of suspicious looks. No, he wouldnt say anything about us; maybe Dumbledore, its so much like him, but if it were to be really him, you wouldnt be standing here alone right now.

I investigated the events of that year, what happened before you were arrested, and what you did in school was no secret, Evan said, blinking. To be honest, the only thing that makes me curious is the Marauders Map, where did you get enough magical power to make it? I heard from Professor Lupin that you got help from a certain item in the Forbidden Forest. That place needs the approval of certain creatures to get in. Who are they?

Its the Centaurs; the Centaur colony in the Forbidden Forest was hiding some kind of treasure left by Godric Gryffindor. That stuff can provide a Wizard with a lot of magical power. Black was excited again. I can take you there, and help you get the Centaurs approval, but getting that thing depends on whether or not you can pass that final test. In exchange, you only need to bring Peter Pettigrew to me!

Deal! Evan said hurriedly.

He listened to Sirius Blacks statements, and combined them with the information he already had.

If there isnt any misshapen, the legendary magical item hidden deep in the Forbidden Forest with the Centaur colony should be the key to Gryffindors secret treasure.

Yet, he didnt know how to get the Centaurs approval, nor did he know what the final test was?

This will certainly not be simple, or else Black would have taken it long ago. Since all four of them have failed, Evan is not sure that he will succeed. However, he will not give up this opportunity to try. Besides, he originally intended to help Black.

You go back and grab that rat, no, no, its too risky. Peter is weak, but hes an adult Wizard. Its not safe for you, a young Wizard to handle this. You just help me get into Gryffindors common room. All the rest will be left for me to solve.

I have a better idea. Why dont we tell the professors about this?

Tell them? Black shook his head. Besides you, who else would believe me? They think that I betrayed James and Lily, and then killed Peter Pettigrew and twelve innocent Muggles. They all think I am crazy and no one will believe me.

I dont know about the others, but Professor Dumbledore and Professor Lupin would still believe you.

No, I cant take such a risk. Now that they dont believe in me, I cant trust them, especially Lupin, he In short, its my own fault that Im alone. I should solve this by myself! Black stubbornly said, I convinced James and Lily to let Peter Pettigrew be their Secret Keeper. They were killed because of my foolishness; it is entirely my fault. I must kill him myself to avenge James and Lily!

Black was talking; tears flowing uncontrollably down his skinny cheeks.

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Okay, okay! Looking at Black, Evan had a headache.

Blacks decision increased the difficulty of the whole problem by several times. He stubbornly believed that the death of James and Lily was entirely his fault. In order to preserve his pride and self-esteem, he wouldnt accept any help in accomplishing his revenge.

It was as if he preferred to stay in Azkaban for twelve years to make atonement, rather than defending himself.

Not only could he not defend himself, but he also felt it wasnt worth it!

No wonder he did not seek Dumbledores help after his escape from prison; its no wonder that he hadnt tried that for so long.

Even if this deal with Evan was somewhat of a compromise, he is forced to do so.

In Blacks eyes, Evan was helping him catch Peter Pettigrew, and he was helping him to get the Centaurs approval in return. The whole thing was more like a transaction than help.

The password to enter the Gryffindor common room is Strange Skins. Sir Cadogan will let you in. Evan continued, But I suggest you wait one more day, as the semester will be over tomorrow. I have confirmed that this Christmas holiday, only four Gryffindor students will be in Hogwarts: Harry, Ron, Hermione and me.

Hmm, the typical weak thinking, I wonder if youre really a Gryffindor?! Black was completely dismissive of Evans advice. For this day, Ive been waiting for twelve years. I will not wait any longer; Ill do it tonight!

Chapter end

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