Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 436

Chapter 436


The commander on the battlefield was Michael.

It wasn't decided from the beginning that it would be so, but there simply wasn't a suitable candidate to lead the Rankers, so he was swept along.

"Form teams with at least ten people in each position! Those who arrive late will fill the empty spaces!"

"Do not distinguish between Demons and Angels. We are all allies now."

"Do not be greedy. Focus on maintaining formation if you're on the front line."

"High-Rankers will form separate teams..."

Without rest, he swung his sword and supervised the battlefield continuously. Unbeknownst to him, the battlefield was moving according to Michael's orders. It was a moment when Michael's leadership abilities, honed through many wars in the Great Heaven Demon War, shone.


"I can't handle this on my own."

Even if he tried himself, he couldn't strategically use so many Rankers in proper places.

Moreover, if they fought individually when their combined efforts weren't enough, they'd end up becoming food for the sheep.

With only one mouth and two eyes, he had limitations in leading this battlefield.

In reality as well...

"The formation is falling apart."

As the battle continued, it was clear that the sheep were pushing them back little by little.

"Advance with all your might!"

It was at that moment...

Shuk, shuk-.

Rankers and Players, all clad in solid armor, joined the battlefield with coordinated movements.

"This battle is not only for the Celestial Realm. Therefore, in this battle, we will prioritize protecting our allies over destroying the enemy."

A resonating voice that covered the entire battlefield.

It was a voice that, as a commander, Michael couldn't ignore.

"Lee Rangjin-gun?"

Lee Rangjin.

The highest-ranking Rangker who led the Celestial Realm alongside Ne Zha.

He was a supreme leader who commanded the forces of the Celestial Realm on the front lines and also served as the commander-in-chief.


Lee Rangjin, leading the troops of the Celestial Realm, approached Michael.

With a long scimitar lightly resting on one shoulder, he praised Michael's efforts.

"You've taken on great responsibility."

"You too. We needed a well-trained force like the Celestial Realm at this time."

The problem on the battlefield was that there were many mixed Guilds.

Additionally, the Devas, who were more akin to a religion than a Guild, didn't have a command structure like the Celestial Realm.

Because of that, the situation on the battlefield was chaos.

But thanks to Lee Rangjin's arrival, the battlefield began to take shape.

Lee Rangjin didn't rush.

He gathered the troops of the Celestial Realm to form a single army instead of various Guilds.

Although this delayed things a bit, in the current situation, it was an excellent choice.

"The other side is a complete mess."

Where the battle with Shub-Niggurath was at its peak.

Odin, Zeus, Hercules, and Diablo were fighting together as a team. Although Lee Rangjin was a high-ranking Rangker who had experienced countless battlefields, he had never imagined seeing such a scene in his life.

"Yes, we cannot intervene in a disorganized manner."

"That is your task. Don't forget that you are the commander of our allies."


Michael nodded at Lee Rangjin's words.

Although their ranks might be similar, Lee Rangjin had lived many times longer than Michael. It was only natural to respect him as a veteran companion.


Michael, along with a gust of wind, disappeared from the spot. Although he had managed to catch his breath thanks to Lee Rangjin's help, he still had much work to do.


Lee Rangjin couldn't just stand idly by either.

Although the command system was established, they still needed a high-ranking Ranker to deal with those damn giant sheep.

And in this chaotic battlefield...

"It would be great to have that Monkey at times like this..."

The face of a person came to Lee Rangjin's mind.



Hercules grabbed the horns of Shub-Niggurath.

The horns that now extended to his waist were easier to grip due to their increased size.


"It must be quite heavy."

Even with Hercules' strength, Shub-Niggurath's body didn't lift easily.

Why did it feel so heavy for its small size?

"No matter."

Kuk, kukduk-.

Veins bulged, and strength filled Hercules' arms.

["Gigantification" is activated]

["Giant Slayer" is activated]

["Gigantification" is reinforced]


And Hercules' title: Giant Slayer.

In addition to these two abilities...

["End of Gigantomachy" is activated]


Shub-Niggurath's body, held by Hercules, lifted into the air.


Like when he lifted the Hydra and slammed it into the ground, Hercules threw Shub-Niggurath's body to the ground.


Shub-Niggurath got stuck in the ground, creating a massive hole.

And inside that hole...

"Step aside."d new chaptrs on no/v/e/lin(.)com


A lightning bolt struck from the cloudy sky.

Crack, crack, craaaaack-!


The lightning bolt that fell into the hole created a column of golden light that soared into the sky. As the lightning bolt descended to the ground, Odin, bending his body, appeared.

"Stay out of the way."

Pajik, pajijik-.

Gungnir began to charge.

If they made a mistake, they would be easily swept away.

If they persisted a little longer, even Zeus might be swept along with Gungnir.


With a thunderous sound, Gungnir charged once again.

This was already the second charge.

Gungnir's white lance covered the column of golden light.


Beyond that, an unfathomable column of light formed.

A sum that had been promised in advance.

Avoiding the range of Gungnir, Hercules, who had already rushed away, looked up and confirmed it.

"They say Odin's Gungnir can pierce the Tower."

Hercules had absolute confidence in his strength and agility.

Especially after experiencing the End of Gigantomachy in this Trial and gaining Divinity according to mythology, his strength had increased even further.




Still, Shub-Niggurath didn't die.

Hercules had anticipated this.

If his opponent had been so weak as to die from this, not even Odin and Zeus would have bothered.


Hercules barely managed to stop the massive black horn approaching him...

"A horn...?"

It was a horn.

It was similar to the horn that had been on Shub-Niggurath's head, but it was much longer and had considerable strength, as if Hercules' block had been slightly weaker; it would have pierced his shoulder.

Hercules looked at the horns that emerged from the hole where Gungnir had fallen.

And above the clouds where Odin and Zeus stood...

Crack, crack-.

Zeus extended his hand and created a shield of lightning. The horn, which had almost reached his nose, stopped just short of piercing Zeus's head.

Odin's way of blocking the horn wasn't much different from what Hercules did.

He used magic to strengthen his grip and then blocked the horn with all his strength.

And in front of these two...

-They did very well.


At the end of the horn that stopped before Zeus...

Above it, Shub-Niggurath revealed itself once again.

"You three. Even if the cooperation wasn't excellent, each of you has shown impressive skill."

Shub-Niggurath's voice resonated in their minds.

Odin covered his head with one hand. Because he had activated Gungnir twice in a short period, his Arcane Power was rapidly depleting.

"One of you still relies too much on weapons, but that's understandable."

Shub-Niggurath's broken face, with no eyes or nose, was a harrowing sight. And it wasn't just her face; there was no trace of sanctity anywhere. One arm had been completely torn off, and the other looked torn.

Still, Zeus was amazed.

Because she had not yet revealed her true form.

"So it seems we can set that part aside for now."


Around Shub-Niggurath, a black background unfolded.

"Perhaps I should contain you a bit."

Everything around them changed. The landscape, the air, and even the Arcane Power that composed the world.

Zeus explored the new space he was in.

A black sky and earth. And a forest made up of burnt trees, as if they had been struck by lightning.

"With a Thousand Young...."


Walking through the forest, Zeus remembered another name for Shub-Niggurath.

"The Black Goat of the Woods."

Somehow, it seemed that this place was the "Black Woods."

Why had he come here in the first place?


His mind spun. Feeling as if the thread holding his consciousness was about to break, Zeus quickened his steps.




The bleating of the goats echoed in the Black Woods.

Hearing that sound, Zeus remembered the goats that had been turned to ashes in his hand.

"They were created here."

Shub-Niggurath had a thousand goats with her.

And this forest was like a home for those goats. Shub-Niggurath had invited Zeus to the Black Woods.

"She wants to trap me here."

Crack, crack-le...

A golden stream flowed from Zeus's body, illuminating the dark forest.

The goats' bleating grew louder. The sudden glow in the forest, unlike anything they had seen before, was an unknown threat to them.

But Zeus paid them no mind.

"If that's the case, you chose the wrong place."

Crack, crack-le...

Misfortune loomed over the sky of the Black Woods.

"You invited me to your home."

Lightning began to strike the cloud-covered sky. Following Zeus's gesture, the lightning twisted in the clouds and took the form of a Thunder Dragon.

"Burn everything."


There was only one way out of this forest.

It was to burn the entire forest completely and force Shub-Niggurath to get him out of here on her own.

And Zeus had enough power to do it.


Just as Zeus was about to unleash the Thunder Dragon on the Black Woods.


Someone was seen walking among the trees of the Black Woods.

Fzit, fzz...

Zeus's Arcane Power surged.

Naturally, he tried to ignore the being, thinking it was a goat, but he couldn't help but look at the being when he saw his face.

He, looking at Zeus, asked:

"Why are you here?"

It was the question Zeus most wanted to ask.

Why are you coming out of here?

"...Kim YuWon?"


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