Martial God Asura – Chapter 69 Creating Legends Again

Chapter 69 Creating Legends Again

MGA: Chapter 69 Creating Legends Again

The Azure Dragon School core zone was the area in which the core elders and the core disciples lived in.

That place was the forbidden area for inner court elders and disciples. But, there was a forbidden area that even forbidden core elders and core disciples.

It was a large palace. Although it was huge, it was not luxurious. Rather, it had the airs of ancientness and even some mysteriousness.

That place was the living quarters for the only World Spiritist of the Azure Dragon School, the guest elder, Zhuge Liuyun.

In the main hall, Zhuge Liuyun was sitting on an old stone stool. He still had the white cloak that was full of symbols and it still covered his entire body. The only thing remaining was his pair of deep eyes.

In front of him, a male was half-kneeled on the ground. It was a core disciple. He was under 20 years old but his body emitted calmness and experience that did not belong to that age. That person was the only person within the core disciples that had the Spirit power, Leng Wuzui.

Wuzui, how many years have you been following me for? The deep voice came from Zhuges white cloak.

Up to today, it has been exactly 3 years. Leng Wuzui respectfully replied.

So much time has passed without even one knowing. Time really does pass fast. Youve served me in these years and your performance is decently satisfactory. Today, I will give you the last mission. As long as you finish it beautifully, I will officially accept you as my disciple and pass the Spirit Formation Technique down to you.

Master, what mission is it? Even if I go through hot water or walk on fire, I will not refuse it. Knowing that Zhuge was going to officially accept him as his disciple, Leng Wuzui was incomparably happy.

Find a person for me. Zhuge said.

Which person do you want to find? Leng Wuzui asked.

A young man around 15 years old but can use the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles. He is the same as you as he also has the Spirit power. He has also seen me once but I dont know what his name is nor do I know if he really is a disciple of our Azure Dragon School.

A young man who has Spirit power and also can use the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles? At that instant, Leng Wezuis face changed slightly and he couldnt help but say, Without a doubt, there is no one like that within the core disciples.

Thats why I want you to go and find him. No matter if he is an inner court disciple or not an Azure Dragon School disciple, find him for me.

As long as you find him, you can officially become my disciple. I trust that this wont be too hard for you.

In the journey in the tomb, I exchanged a few blows with the head of the Thousand Wind School and I suffered some injuries. From now on, I will close myself behind doors for a while. I hope when I come out you would have already found that young man.

I will do my best.


As you wish. After respectfully replying, Leng Wuzui walked out of the palace. But, at that instant, his face was a bit ugly and even slightly cold.

Junior Leng, what did Elder Zhuge need you for?

Yeah junior Leng. Is it another mission?

Outside of the palace, two core disciples walked over. One was male, one was female. The male was called Gao Le and the female was called Liu Bing. Although they were older than Leng Wuzui and entered the inner court earlier, they were two of Leng Wuzuis trusted aides.

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Go to the inner court and check if theres a young man that cultivated the 3rd style of the Three Thunder Styles. If you find him, secretly eliminate him. Do not let anyone know that he was killed by you. Not even Zhuge Liuyun can know. Leng Wuzui coldly said.

We will do that right now. Gao Le and Liu Bing did not hesitate. After responding, they quickly left.

Leng Wuzui turned his head and looked at the palace that Zhuge was in. His slightly narrowed eyes were emitting a cold gaze,

Old guy, Ive sold my life to you for 3 whole years yet you want to accept another person as your disciple. Since youre treating me so heartlessly, dont blame me for being unrighteous. Dont even think of taking others as your disciple.

No one in the inner court knew about what happened in the core zone. But, the amount of people that gathered outside of the Martial Skill Building got more and more. They were all attracted to the dark-green house on top of the tall stage.

Especially the elders of the Martial Skill Building. All of them had tight faces and they didnt move their gaze away from the Cultivation Formation. It was because Chu Feng had entered the Cultivation Formation for a whole 6 hours.

Manager, nothing happened to Chu Feng right? It has been 6 hours, and even if it was you... Some elders started to worry about Chu Feng.

No. If Chu Feng fainted because of lack of strength in the Cultivation Formation, the formation would instantly stop working. But currently, the Cultivation Formation is still in progress and the power is even stronger than before. This means that Chu Feng is still enduring so at least nothing happened to him. Ouyang shook his head, but surprise flickered within his gaze.

6 hours. Even if it was him, with his current cultivation, he could only last for 6 hours in the Cultivation Formation at most. After all, it was the Cultivation Formation laid by Zhuge who was barely weaker than the head of the school.

However, Chu Feng, with the cultivation of the 7th level endured for 6 hours in the Cultivation Formation. It exceeded the limits of the core disciples and he was still persisting with it. That really made Ouyang feel admiration.

After 8 hours in the Cultivation Formation, the admiration turned into shock.

When Chu Feng left the Cultivation Formation by choice, everyone saw that Chu Feng was extremely relaxed. He even had an extremely happy smile on his face and it even made people suspect whether he really was in the Cultivation Formation for 8 hours.

They suspected if the Cultivation Formation really had unendurable pressure like the legends. Because of that, after Chu Feng came out, someone firmly walked into the Cultivation Formation and wanted to investigate to the end.

But the attempt by that person let people know that the Cultivation Formation was absolutely as it was rumoured to be. The disciple that went in only stayed in for a short while before losing consciousness and he was carried out by an elder of the Martial Skill Building.

Heavens, that means that Chu Feng really stayed in the Cultivation Formation for 8 hours and he was not affected at all?

Thats too scary. Is he still human? It seems that a monster appeared in the inner court.

Seeing the disciple that had white foam coming out of his mouth and showing the whites of his eyes while being carried by the elder, everyone endlessly yelled in surprise. Of course, they were not yelling for that disciple, they were yelling for Chu Feng who walked out earlier.

After that, without a doubt, Chu Feng created another legend in the inner court. But, Chu Feng did not mind things like that. The reason why he was happy was because he mastered the early stage of the Imperial Sky Technique.

Although it was only the early stage, the wind-like speed satisfied Chu Feng. At least, with the Imperial Sky Technique, if he couldnt win against Origin realm experts he could at least safely escape. It was his trump card in running for his life.

Time passed and within a blink, the day of the core disciple exam arrived. The night before the exam, Su Mei that disappeared for a few days came to his door.

Chapter end

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