Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 24 - Hell’s Roar

Chapter 24 - Hell’s Roar

Chapter 24 - Hells Roar

Although Shi Fengs party was gathered, the observing Level 2 players had started laughing.

They were not laughing because all the players Shi Feng had invited were Level 1. Instead, the Jobs that were in the party were just too exotic. They couldnt help but laugh out loud.

This noob really is something, and even I am starting to admire him. Theyre simply a suicide party.

I really pity that expert for actually bringing along such an exotic player. The expert had even agreed to let him be the partys leader.

The queued up Level 2 players started a debate, and there were quite a few players who were holding their stomachs while laughing loudly.

He is just playing to the gallery. Zhao Yueru wrinkled her brows slightly. She turned her head away after taking a look at Shi Feng, her heart slightly discomforted. Before, she would be the focus of everyone wherever she went. Today, however, everyones attention was on an inconspicuous noob like Shi Feng. Although everyone was jeering at him, he was still their focal point.

Alright Yueru, we should hurry and gather enough people. If we waste any more time, we will be left behind by the frontline players. Although Gentle Snow felt that Shi Feng seemed to be an expert, regarding levels, methods of recruiting people and such, he was just too far from being referred to as an expert. As for the notion of inviting Shi Feng into their Guild, it was no longer present now. Their Ouroboros only accepted experts.

Got it. Zhao Yueru turned towards the Swordsman in front of her. With a little vengeance, she directly said, Datas not bad, but too bad we dont want a Swordsman.

The Swordsman suddenly became spiritless. How could he not see what Zhao Yueru meant? Subsequently, he turned his head and glared at the distant Shi Feng, his eyes filled with hatred.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng, who knew nothing about what has happened, was currently activating the Deathly Forest.

System: Please select activation difficulty.

System: Normal, Hard, Hell.

Shi Feng chose Hell without hesitation. Suddenly, the Transfer Passage in front of the Deathly Forest changed. It changed from a silvery-gray color to pitch-black. At the same time, a flickering skull that had its mouth wide opened could vaguely be seen.

Meanwhile, the party members of Shi Fengs party all received a notification.

System: You have chosen Hell Mode of Deathly Forest. Death penalty increased by 100%.

Suddenly, the faces of the members of the party turned deathly white. Death penalty increased by 100%, doesnt that mean if they died within the Dungeon, they would lose 20% of their EXP? One or two hours of effort were required to make up for that EXP.

Brother Feng, you chose the wrong one. Arent we going down the Normal Dungeon? Blackie hurriedly walked over and whispered a reminder.

Nothings wrong. Its Hell Mode. What would I be doing here if it isnt to dive Hell Mode? Shi Feng snapped.

The drop rate for forging designs was extremely low. If it was Normal Mode, then Werewolf Felts drop rate was only 1%; Hard Mode had 5% and Hell Mode had 30%. Although Normal Mode could be cleared without limit every day, who would have so much time to do so? Meanwhile, Hard Mode could only be cleared 5 times a day, and the probability of the forging design to drop was also not great. As for Hell Mode, it could only be cleared once a day, but it was also the one that had the most hopes of dropping it.

Feng...... Brother Feng, what are you saying? Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest? Just look at our party. It is problematic to even clear Normal Mode, not to mention Hell Mode, Blackie panicked. Before, he had already seen several Elite parties that had returned after dying. According to what these people had said, the monsters in the Deathly Forest were extremely strong. Their intelligence was extremely high as well. It was impossible to beat them without reaching Level 4 or 5, so they had all left after giving up.

If they dove into a Hell Mode Dungeon now, with noobs like them, that would truly be going down into Hell.

Relax. If I werent certain, even I wouldnt do it. Shi Feng clapped Blackies shoulders, saying confidently with a smile.

Alright, lets go inside then.

Shi Feng led the party by entering first, followed by Blackie. Lonely Snow had also entered with a dazed head; he was prepared to tread this path to the very end.

As for the remaining three, they hesitated for quite some time.

We better go in. The expert has already gone inside, so what do we, Level 1 noobs, still have to be reluctant for? Moreover, were entering the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest. Even mentioning it would be a glory, Cola encouraged.

The other two felt that it made sense and had also followed into the Dungeon.

Meanwhile, the area in front of Gentle Snows party was completely silent. All of the Level 2 players were stunned. They were not just shocked, but thunderstruck. A Level 2 Elite party couldnt even clear the Normal Mode, yet a party that mainly consisted of Level 1 players had actually chosen the Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest.

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Snow, did I see wrong? Thats Hell Mode, right? Zhao Yueru asked.

Gentle Snow nodded her head; her beautiful eyes kept staring at the flickering skull. Her expression turned extremely serious.

That fellow mustve abandoned himself to despair, entering Hell Mode after determining that he couldnt clear the Normal Mode. Well see how they come out dead in a moment. Zhao Yueru laughed.

We dont have that sort of time. Lets go, weve gathered enough people.

Gentle Snow led the way towards the Deathly Forest Dungeon. She selected Normal Mode for the difficulty of the Dungeon. If there were no problems with Normal Mode, they would enter Hard Mode after.

Within the Dungeon of the Deathly Forest, there was a dark and gloomy forest. From time to time, there would be a chill wind blowing, causing a shiver down ones body.

Aside from Shi Feng himself, every member of his party was tightly packed around the Dungeons entrance. They did not move even an inch for fear of attracting any monsters that would wipe their party.

Brother Feng, why do I keep feeling a cold wind blowing by my back? Blackie asked in worry.

Blackie, you need to bring out some temperament of an expert, only then will you have the possibility to become one. It is just Hell Mode. Aside from the monsters here having a little bit intelligence, their battle methods being a little bit complicated, and their Attack, Defense, and HP are a little bit higher, there isnt much else. Oh right, there is also a little bit more monsters here. After some thought, Shi Feng felt that he had nothing more to add.

Suddenly, every member of the party sent looks of disdain towards Shi Feng.

When diving a Dungeon, even a small difference in Attack and HP could cause a team wipe. As for Shi Feng, he had just simply explained. Moreover, what did he mean by just a little more intelligence? They had experienced before the battles with monsters in Gods Domain. Regarding those monsters with slightly higher intelligence, even with the same Attack and HP, their strength would still be increased by one or two folds.

Alright, alright, stop minding these little matters. Ill be explaining the strategy for this Dungeon in a moment, so you guys better listen carefully. If you dont follow through, then your lives will become forfeit. Shi Feng waved his hands, ready to start explaining the strategy to conquer the Dungeon.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew from the dark and gloomy forest, causing the trees to sway madly.

Ao! Ao! Ao!

After the howling wind came a furious roar that resounded throughout the entire Deathly Forest. Countless birds were scared, flying off into the sky.

Blackie and the others were stunned by such an imposing aura.

They were just youths around the age of 20. They had never experienced any great hardships, not to mention being tempered through life-or-death situations. It was their first time facing such a lung-piercing roar. Compared to hearing the traditional roar of a tiger in the forest, this roar was much more shocking to the human heart.

This thing is what we should pay attention to. Shi Feng calmly said at this moment.

The largest difference between Hell Mode and Hard Mode was this roar.

Although it did not have a specific name to it, the players in Shi Fengs previous life had dubbed it as Hells Roar.

Chapter end

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