Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 26 - Miraculous Technique

Chapter 26 - Miraculous Technique

Chapter 26 - Miraculous Technique

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By the time Shi Feng returned to the party, the Elite Night Rabbit only had one-third of its HP remaining.

Everyone had coordinated properly; Cola tanked in the front alone, while the others vigorously dealt damage. However, to control aggro, Blackie did not madly deal damage. Instead, he used Evil Whip to pin down the Night Rabbit, giving Cola some breathing space. Colas performance was also very good. He steadily tanked the monster, and he also had good control over aggro. Cola was not at the level of a novice, but there was still a long road ahead before he became an expert.

Cola, dont always try to block with your shield. It isnt a must to block an attack like the other virtual reality games. You can also dodge to avoid an attack. That way, you could reduce the stress on the healer. For everyone else, focus your attacks on the target. Dont just randomly attack, aim your attacks at the wild rabbits claws or other weak points. That way, you can reduce a lot of burden on the MT. Shi Feng did not directly go up to help Cola, but instead, he taught everyone how to battle against monsters.

If everyone battled while regarding Gods Domain as a traditional game, the results would be disastrous. This was because the healing given out was usually far from being able to keep up with the damage received. Some parties would bring an extra healer. However, this would result in the damage being insufficient; the result was still a party-wipe. Players only slowly got used to the combat style in Gods Domain several months after the game opened. The players then would no longer be as cute and simple as they were now.

Shi Feng wanted to cultivate everyone to build a foundation for his future Workshop. So naturally, he needed to let these people learn the combat styles of Gods Domain earlier.

Everyone thought Shi Feng was also a noob, so they held slight dissatisfaction within their hearts. The expert did not say anything, so why was a noob like him giving out commands? However, Shi Fengs words made sense, so they still consciously did as Shi Feng said.

Cola had also started to change his battle style. He was no longer using his shield to block the attacks rigidly. Instead, he retreated a step back when the wild rabbit launched its attack, taking the chance to avoid it. Although Cola still needed to use his shield to block most of the time, it had still greatly reduced the burden on the healer.

Such a change allowed killing the Night Rabbit to become even easier.

The few Level 1 noobs were also slightly surprised. There was some change in their opinions towards Shi Feng. Shi Feng was not as unbearable as they had imagined him to be.

Shi Feng only smiled at this situation. He did not mind their thoughts at all. Shi Feng only felt that Cola was quite good after seeing his performance.

Although Cola was a first-rate expert ten years later, he currently was still far from that point. If it were an expert MT, they would not retreat, but choose to dodge the attack without even moving. Such a decision was because if the MT moved, the monster would move as well. This situation would cause trouble for long-ranged damage dealers, which would result in the loss of a lot of damage. However, such a technique required a bounty of experience in battle and a body with dexterous reactions. Cola still needed a lot of training.

The Elite Night Rabbit fell within a moment. It dropped a skill book for Berserkers, [Whirlwind Slash]. It also dropped three Coppers.

Everyone could not help but be amazed by the drop rate of Hell Mode. A skill book dropped just after they killed an Elite monster. If they killed over ten Elite monsters, then wouldnt they be able to obtain over ten skill books? It should be known that skill books were extremely rare, and even a Common skill could sell for 1 Silver.

Shi Feng naturally knew of their thoughts. However, not even Hell Mode had that high of a drop rate. It was only three to four times that of Hard Mode. Afterward, Shi Feng passed Whirlwind Slash to the stupefied Lonely Snow; then he passed a Level 1 Bronze Defensive Plate Armor to Cola; the Night Ranger dropped the armor. With these items, the partys strength slightly increased.

Colas mouth could not close after receiving the Defensive Plate Armor. He hurriedly thanked Shi Feng for it. With this Bronze Plate Armor, not only had Colas Defense increased by 14 points, but his HP had also become 350 points.

Aside from Shi Feng and Blackie, everyone else on the scene was filled with envy. Bronze Equipment was the identification of an expert. Outside the Dungeon, it was impossible to obtain a piece of Bronze Equipment, even if you begged for it. And this piece of equipment was obtained by Shi Feng, alone. Yet, Shi Feng gave it to Cola without hesitation. Everyones opinion towards Shi Feng changed quite a bit. They felt such a party leader was not bad at all. Shi Feng was unlike the other party leaders who would prioritize themselves when equipment dropped. As for Bronze Equipment, forget giving it away to a temporary party member; they would definitely keep it for themselves.

Afterward, everyone followed Shi Feng as they advanced.

Although the dark and gloomy forest was scary, everyone was no longer as nervous as they were before going through a stimulating fight.

From time to time, one or two patrolling Elite Night Rabbits would appear in front of them, and they would also respond to it quickly. When there were two Night Rabbits, Cola would tank one of them, while Shi Feng and Lonely Snow would rush over and kill the other. As for the ranged players, they would prioritize attacking the Night Rabbit in front of Shi Feng.

The Night Rabbits 700 HP would be gone quickly under the fierce bombardment.

Afterward, the party supported Cola and finished off the other Night Rabbit. Within moments, two Night Rabbits were no more. With this process, a skill book, [Restore], meant for healers also dropped. The skill had a 2 second cast time. When learned by Oracles, the skill could instantly restore 37 HP. It was far better than Life Prayer. It did not share the same Cooldown as Life Prayer, so the two could be used in coordination to negate the damage caused by the Elite Night Rabbits completely.

Drowsy Sloth continuously thanked Shi Feng and the other party members for letting him learn the skill book. Restore was an extremely important skill for conquering Dungeons. If it were to be sold outside, it could go for at least 2 or 3 Silver coins.

Dont mind it. Skill books are meant to be used. Lets continue onward. Shi Feng smiled as he answered.

Aside from AoE attack skill books, healer-class skill books were the most expensive and rare. However, the Deathly Forest was a Dungeon meant to let players build up their foundation in Gods Domain. In Hell Mode, the drop rate for basic healing skills was very high. In Shi Fengs previous life, he had obtained four healing skill books just after entering Hell Mode of the Deathly Forest once. It was not considered valuable.

After more than an hour, Shi Fengs party arrived at a flat grassland. They had finally met the first Boss of the Dungeon.

[Willie] (Chieftain-rank)

Level 3

HP 6000

Willie was a ferocious Night Rabbit. Its height was as tall as two people, and sharp steel claws decorated its paws. These claws loved creating a feast of fresh blood, and those caught by it would be ripped to shreds, turned into a river of blood. It was unknown how many players had died a gruesome death under these claws.

A short distance away from Willie, there were seven Elite Night Rabbits on guard. These seven rabbits were very close to each other. As long as one of them was attacked, the other wild rabbits would rush over as well. There was also a great possibility of attracting the Boss.

Even if it were Shi Feng, he would not be able to face off against seven Night Rabbits, not to mention including a Boss.

However, if they did not finish off the seven Night Rabbits, there was no way for them to attack the Boss.

Brother Feng, what should we do now? This place has too many Night Rabbits. The game isnt giving us any chances. Blackie was very anxious. Although the Boss was in front of them, the System had dealt them such a hand. This difficulty was just too great. No wonder it was a Hell Mode dungeon. It was impossible to pass through without absolute strength.

The Systems setting also angered everyone. Who could fend off seven Elite Night Rabbits? Even a Level 5 Guardian Knight would not be able to do it.

You all wait for me behind that rock. Cola, get ready to receive the monster. Everyone else is not allowed to attack without my command, Shi Feng pointed towards a large rock nearby; Shi Feng naturally knew that there were seven Elite Night Rabbits here.

Everyone abided by Shi Fengs command without question. All the monsters they had killed on the way here relied on Shi Fengs commands for success. They killed quite a lot of Night Rabbits, and everyone had obtained one or two pieces of Bronze Equipment. Blackie even had five pieces of Bronze Equipment. Their partys strength has definitely surpassed the other elite parties. The credit for such an achievement belonged to Shi Fengs commands.

As for Shi Feng, he had run to a location that was 40 yards away from the seven Night Rabbits. He quietly hid within the bushes, observing the Night Rabbits every movement.

Everyone understood that Shi Feng was trying to lure monsters. However, the seven Night Rabbits were too close to each other. Shi Feng was a Swordsman. He did not possess any long-ranged attacking capabilities, so how could he lure monsters?

Time passed bit by bit. Everyone was extremely anxious. If Shi Feng accidentally failed, then it would be a party-wipe. However, Shi Feng was calm. He moved not an inch as he watched the faraway Night Rabbits.

At this moment, a cool breeze blew past. A dead leaf on the trees was sent flying over.

Seeing the dead leaf hovering down towards the Night Rabbit, Shi Feng picked up a small stone beside him. Gently, he tossed the stone over.

The direction the stone flew to was towards the Night Rabbit closest to the Boss.

Were finished.

Everyone understood what kind of outcome this would be. It would definitely be a combination of one Boss and seven Night Rabbits rushing towards them, turning them into blood sacrifices.

The moment the stone was about to hit the Night Rabbit, the dead leaf just happened to have blocked between the stone and the Night Rabbit.

The stone struck the dead leaf, smashing it onto the Night Rabbit.

The Night Rabbit abruptly turned to look at its surroundings, only discovering a leaf. However, how could a leaf hitting it be so painful? Subsequently, the Night Rabbit left its unit to observe the surroundings. It looked around aimlessly, not knowing what it was trying to find. It had unknowingly moved over 20 yards away from its unit, and it was still moving further and further away.

Too godly! Lonely Snow could not help but exclaim; his eyes had nearly popped out of their sockets.

Everyone else had dumbly nodded as well.

What kind of accurate judgment and aim was required to hit the dead leaf while hitting the Night Rabbit, and thereby confusing the Night Rabbits hatred, causing it to look for its target blindly?

Even calling it as an ultimate skill was not excessive.

Was Shi Feng really a noob? He couldnt be some gaming god here to make a fool of them, right?

Summoner, the rest is up to you. Shi Feng walked to the rocks location. He looked at the Summoner, clapping the persons shoulders as he spoke, smiling.

Chapter end

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