Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 68 - Big Harvest

Chapter 68 - Big Harvest

Chapter 68 - Big Harvest

Early morning, a layer of fog still covered the outer layer of the window. Dark clouds densely covered the sky outside, and there were signs of rain falling soon.

Hmm... the air quality here is getting worse by the day... After I earn enough money, I definitely have to move out of this broken district and move to a better house in the city.

After sitting up, Shi Feng took a look out his window. Following which, he flexed his body and got down from his bed. He then went through twenty sets of workout motions before going to his cramped bathroom to wash up.

Shi Feng grabbed his phone from the table once he finished tidying himself up. He started by checking the remaining money in his bank account. Constantly eating instant noodles was bad for his body. Moreover, the nutrients provided were definitely not enough to supplement his method of training.

He had obtained the membership card and coupons for Big Dipper after much difficulty, yet, he discovered that he still needed to wait for five days before he could use them. This caused him to be slightly depressed. Now, his only hope was on the sales of the Gods Domain game currency.

Previously, Shi Feng had registered 3 Gold Coins at the Virtual Trade Center. If there were someone who bought them, then the Credits earned would automatically be sent to his bank account. However, the Trade Center had a 3-hour transaction delay. Moreover, Shi Feng did not turn on the notifications for his trade account. So, even if the transaction had already been done, he did not know how much had been transferred to his account. He could only use his old-modeled phone to check his bank account.

Shi Feng currently did not possess the money to purchase the latest quantum watch[1]. Otherwise, a lot of matters could be easily resolved using the quantum watch. Even credit card payments could be done through the quantum watch. Moreover, all shops that sold items supported payment using the quantum watch, as it was both safe and fast.

In a short moment, Shi Feng logged into his bank account using his handphone, checking the amount of money he had remaining. If there were enough Credits, he would go and have a good meal. The last time he remembered having meat was when he was still in his third year of university. Now, he was in his fourth year and would be graduating soon.

Previously, he had retrieved all of his money from his bank account to buy instant noodles. His current balance should not be more than 1 Credit.

After selling for an entire night, there should be some people who would purchase some of his game currency. It was especially true for the Guilds in White River City. Shi Feng did not believe those Guilds could amass funds that quickly. Even if they were to sign a contract with money-farming teams or have their money-farming teams, it was absolutely impossible for them to purchase that much equipment in such a short period. More or less, they should have purchased some game currency.

They actually bought quite a lot. I guess I wont have to fuss over food for a few days, Shi Feng smiled slightly when he saw that there were over 1,700 Credits in his bank account. However, the trade tax was truly high. He sold a total of 30 Silver Coins which were worth 1,800 Credits, but 100 of those Credits went to taxes. The amount was truly sinister.

In any case, Shi Feng now had some money, and it was double the amount of living expenses he would have each month. It was enough for him to eat properly for quite some time.

If all 3 Gold Coins sold, then that would amount to 18,000 Credits. Shi Feng would then have the money to buy two Virtual Gaming Helmets. The only worry he had right now was whether or not all 3 Gold Coins would sell.

After some consideration, Shi Feng decided that he definitely must make these Guilds and players spend more money during this period. Otherwise, if they were to make business deals in the game, they would easily be able to solve their problem with money. At that time, they would not have to purchase game currency from the Virtual Trade Center.

Subsequently, Shi Feng left his rented apartment. He made a trip to the bank, withdrawing all of his money.

Now that he had some money, Shi Feng went to the Nutrition Center and bought three bottles of C-rank Nutrient Fluids. They were enough to last him for up to nine days.

When the beautiful saleswoman saw that Shi Feng had bought three bottles without even blinking, she could not help but have delightful thoughts. Taking the initiative, she asked, Are you free this afternoon, handsome? How about we go to Youlan Square to have a drink? My treat.

Youlan Square was a nearby well-known romantic location, and many youths, both males and females, loved going there.

Looking at the beautiful saleswomans graceful body and lust-filled eyes, she was much better than the gorgeously dressed girls in his class. However, Shi Feng only gave her a calm smile. How could he not know what her thoughts were? He tactfully rejected her and turned around to leave.

Shi Fengs reaction caused the beautiful saleswoman to feel slightly unfortunate. A large catch had run away just like that. Was she not beautiful? Was her body lacking?

Nutrient Fluids were the pinnacle products of the new age. Not only could they slow down aging, but they could also discretely mend the injuries that could not be detected, regenerate body cells, develop the brain cells, and many more astonishing impacts. These items have already become must-haves for athletes and martial artists. However, they were very expensive, so the common folk could only occasionally buy a bottle to drink. After all, a months salary was only so much. It was impossible for them to afford a bottle every three days. Only the wealthy were able to treat these Nutrient Fluids as drinks, constantly transforming their bodies.

Hundreds of years ago, very rarely would the children of wealthy families be ugly. Females would normally be beauties, while males would normally be handsome men. However, with the Nutrient Fluids in this current age, beautiful women and handsome men could be commonly seen throughout the streets.

A bottle of C-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 400 Credits.

A bottle of B-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 1,000 Credits.

A bottle of A-rank Nutrient Fluid cost 10,000 Credits.

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As for the best S-rank Nutrient Fluids, those were items that could not be bought by common folk even if they wanted to. These Nutrient Fluids were only sold to the inner circles of society.

In his previous life, Shi Feng was fortunate enough to buy one because of his status as a core member of Shadow. The S-rank Nutrient Fluid was extremely expensive, costing a million Credits per bottle. However, its effects were similarly astonishing. A-rank Nutrient Fluids were far from being comparable to it.

Although S-rank Nutrient Fluids were very expensive, there were plenty of wealthy people in the world. The ones who could afford to buy it would not trouble themselves over such an amount of money. After all, who wouldnt want to trade money for their own youth?

It was truly hard to imagine; the dream of humanity hundreds of years ago had now become a reality.

The body was a needed asset to make a revolution. If Shi Feng wanted to improve his skills in Gods Domain and stand at the very top of the game, then a strong body and nimble mind were indispensable. Hence, Shi Feng would not make the same mistake in this aspect as he did in his previous life.

Following which, Shi Feng went to a gourmet restaurant. He spent a hundred Credits purchasing two sets of nutrient set meals; one was for him to eat right now and another as takeaway for his lunch.

After eating, Shi Feng made a trip to a normal workout center. After spending 60 Credits, he trained for four hours before returning home.

In the evening, around 7 p.m., Shi Feng drank a bottle of Nutrient Fluid and laid on the bed. He activated the gaming helmet and connected to Gods Domain.

After logging in, Shi Feng started arranging the items he obtained.

When he was done arranging the items, Shi Feng started feeling emotional. It was no wonder the Moonlight Forest was a land of treasures. Just the various Tier 1 Gemstones he obtained alone amounted to over 300 pieces. There were also tens of skill books, dozens of pieces of Bronze Equipment, five pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, over fifty Card Sets, more than twenty recipes for Lifestyle Jobs, over thirty Tier 1 Magic Scrolls, and four Tier 2 Magic Scrolls.

The Magic Scrolls from Treasure Chests were much better than those sold in the Magic Shop. This was because the various scrolls in the Magic Shop did not even reach the standard of Tier 1. Meanwhile, Tier 2 Magic Scrolls were much more precious. Every piece would have a great purpose, and there would be nobody willing to sell it.

As for the thing that brought Shi Feng the most joy...

He finished collecting the Silvermoon Set Equipment. In addition, he also collected a complete set of Blackblood Set Equipment meant for Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights.

The Blackblood Set Equipments value far exceeded that of the Silvermoon Set Equipment. It was one of the best Set Equipment for Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights that were below Level 10. If Cola were to equip this set at Level 6 or Level 7, then Hell Mode Dungeons below Level 10 would no longer be a problem.

With so many good items, Shi Feng already had a solid base for forming a twenty-man team. The only concerns remaining would be recruiting members and their skills.

After finished arranging his bag and confirming that there were no more profits to be gained from the Moonlight Forest, Shi Feng activated the Teleportation Magic Orb, leaving the Moonlight Forest.

TL Notes:

[1]quantum watch: something like a wristwatch version of a quantum computer...?

Chapter end

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